Role Of Media In Journalism

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Chapter 1
In modern times creational activities like sport have a huge impact on the development of human life. Sports have become an intimate part of our lives. Everywhere around the globe almost everyone is dealing with the phenomenon of sport in some way or another. People are either athletes or sport fans, who follow sport news and materials in mass media including radio, TV, newspapers and social media. Media which is considered the fourth pillar in the democracy has a very huge role in developing sport in a country. In a country like India where people are glued to the TV screens and social media most of the time in a day, responsibility of media and sport journalist become very pioneer in giving true information about sport.
The interconnection between media and sport is a new concept. This is a result of the commercialization of sport and making it a lucrative profit making industry of all times. We can see all the big cooperation’s in the world are connected to sport in some way or another. The leading examples are Dietrich Mateschitz owner of the Red Bull Energy drink who owns Red Bull Racing (F1), FC Red Bull Salzburg (European football), Silvio Berlusconi the Prime Minister of Italy who owns football team AC Milan, Mukesh Ambani the chairman of Reliance Industries who owns Mumbai Indians in IPL, Vijay Mallya the
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This information can make them more knowledgeable about sport and can make them affectionate towards sport of their interest. Our eyes glimpse millions of convoluted images of emotion and drama, which are pressed into our psyches. The media work hard to present many topics of interest to their anxious audience. One of the more highly acknowledged subjects is the world of sports. Sports have become an intimate part of our lives. We pursue our favorite teams with an undying
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