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The debate about the role and function of media in peace- and wartime offers a number of different understandings and concepts, starting from the claim that there is a clear distinction in the function and role of media to the viewpoint that no differences are visible. In my essay about the purpose of the media, and how this contributes to our understanding of conflict, my focus will be on the definition of peace, the role of propaganda and how it works in war and peacetime. I will refer to Johan Galtung’s understanding of peace, which he first introduced in his work Journal of Peace Research, Lynch’s and McGoldrick’s definition of propaganda demonstrated in their book Peace Journalism published and Chomsky’s and Herman’s propaganda model, explained in their book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media.

Before dealing with this issue, I see the necessity to ask a couple of counter questions: What does peace mean in the first place and can we really say for sure that there actually is a time of peace? Living in a country that does not wage any war does not necessarily mean that people live in peace. Johan Galtung claims that peace is not just a question of war prevention and disarmament, but it also has to do with the living conditions of the population, such as infrastructure and measures that lead to more social justice. He distinguishes negative peace from positive peace: negative peace is a condition where, even though no war and no visible

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