Role Of Media In Pakistan Essay

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Media ( print or electronic ) is a very necessary source of information for the Nation. Unfortunately in Pakistan. Media is so much free that they are even allowed to run propaganda campaign against active duty army officers and Intelligence officials. They even blame the killing of journalists on Pakistan Army, The most respected Institution in the world. Below we will show you some proof of our corrupt media and anchors, actively involved in Sabotaging national Interest of Pakistan And Islam. Our media anchors often divert the attention of the people from the real issues to non issues on behest of the people they are working for. The media is focusing more on sensationalism than truth creating a negative world view and only highlights the…show more content…
The media should work to educate the people, to help the people and to liberate the people and to empower the people. There are times when they should put their personal interests at the back of their mind and show things that could be beneficial for the country and its people and please stop this race of breaking first news just be original. Media is a source of information or communication but now it has been transformed to a source of mere making money. This should stop. Media should act as a bridge between the governing bodies and general public instead of being a tool for one class of politicians and falsely propagating against others to bring them under pressure. It may be fiction for people but it is bitter reality that there is media war throughout the world. Most of the states fund privately owned channels to promote their message. And this is what we happened to see last year. It was reported that 340$ million would be doled out to Pakistani media just for presenting America as a friend not foe, of which, outcome, came under the knowledge after the commencements of programs like voice of America in which culture of America has been nicely portrayed. On the other hand, programs like Big Boss and Indian dramas had also started appearing on our TV

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