Role Of Media In The Youth And Media Essay

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3. Youth and Media The means of communication are technological tools performing the mass communication phenomenon. These tools require a huge capital and expertise. When the word mass communication is uttered, first of all, print media (newspaper, magazine, journal, and book), radio, television and movie come up (Erdoğan ve Alemdar, 2005 p.17). The Internet and social media can also be added to these means of communication. The means of communication were essentially born with the modernity and have been actively utilized to organize the consent of the community by the political powers (Bostancı, 1998 p. 167). Klapper, interpreting the findings regarding the influence of the means of communication in terms of manipulating the interests of the youth, states that the interests of the youth changes continually; mediator factors like peer group interests, cultural norms incites this change, in this process of change, contributory causes are seen as the means of communication (Cited by: Tokgöz, 1979 p. 5). Participating in the politics and the process of taking political decisions occur generally with media or other communication means. In this process, the media play an important part as a member, allowing for the views and ideas of the citizens. Thanks to the new…show more content…
98.1 percent of the participants answered the question concerning the age distribution. When the age range of the participating youth was specified, the age range, which is 14-29 ages, in the description of youth given in the National Youth and Sports Policy Document was adopted (Ministry of Youth and Sports, 2013 p.1). Since the voting right is given to individuals who are 18 years or older in our country, the age range is rearranged as 18-29. 57.7 percent of the participants are in the age range of 21-23; 22.3 percent are in the age range of 18-20; 14.6 percent are in the age range of 24-26, and 3.5 percent are in the age range of

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