Role Of Memory In Kazuo Ishiguro

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Kasturi Sinha Ray Research Scholar Department of English Faculty of Arts Banaras Hindu University Email: Phone: Play of Memory in(mention the books) Kazuo Ishiguro: A Study of Relevant Works and Criticism The Booker winning British novelist and author of screen plays and short stories, Kazuo Ishiguro is one of the most gifted writers of the twenty-first century who incorporates the Stream-of-consciousness in his works whereinthe various nuances of memory, recollection and forgetting are subsumed. To discuss with regards to (insert name of books)by Ishiguro, how memory weaves the experience of trauma, loss, regret, unrequited love, death and as such is the focus of this paper. With reference to Coleridge’s utter failure in ‘remembering’ the ‘rest’ of Kubla Khan, one may find interesting in itself, the ‘art’ of forgetting. This definitely added an element of incompleteness to his personae which otherwise would have left him at ease. He states, “Yet from the still surviving recollections in his mind, the Author has frequently purposed to finish for himself what had been originally, as it were, given to him. But the to-morrow is yet to come”(Coleridge,5). Here Coleridge perhaps betrays a certain amount of regret at not having been able to completely remember one his masterpieces. The existence of one’s identity is mostly

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