Role Of Modern Day Father Essay

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Modern Day Father; The Changing Role Of course, fathers are not all the same, the modern day father comes in various forms. Traditionally viewed, as the married breadwinner and family disciplinarian, now can be seen as single or married; employed externally or from home, or stay-at home; gay or straight; an adoptive or step-parent. As the roles of fatherhood change with the times, have father’s become more responsive or become disengaged? Over time, the role of fatherhood has shifted from moral leader to bread winner. The era of industrialization has since removed the father’s from their homes, on average 10 hours a day. To further disengage the role of the father, the work place often fails to recognize that the father role extends…show more content…
Most of our communication with our children and others is non-verbal and a large percentage of what our brains perceive in communication with others is non-verbal signals. Some examples of our day to day signals to our children or others may be the gesture of your eye, facial gestures, your tone of voice, the movement of your hand or the tip of your head. And most of the time we are unaware of any of our non-verbal gestures. We just do them. We even repeat our own parent’s non-verbal gestures to us. It is important to know your child can literally sense your interest and sincerity in them, as well your approval or disapproval in them. Attunement and attachment are related. Attachment is an emotional bond to another person. The earliest bonds formed by children with their parents have an important impact that continues throughout their life. Attunement and attachment are related in that, parents whom are available and attuned to their child, in other words, responsive to their child’s needs beginning in infancy, establish a sense of security within that child. The child learns that their parent is dependable. This attunement creates a strong foundation for which that child can explore the
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