Role Of Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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Montag’s Metamorphosis Montag transforms throughout the novel, Fahrenheit 451, from the beginning, middle End. Did you realize how he changed? He transforms from two totally different people in The text. He met Clarisse and Faber that changed his perspective about society. Other Factors like his personal experiences influence from others and events changed also. One major thing he did caused him to escape because everyone was after him. He Even caused an innocent man to take the punishment for him. In the beginning Montag starts out with a pleasure to burn books. “It was a pleasure to See things eaten, to see things blackened and changed.” (Bradbury 3) He is also proud Of his job and likes to reek of cinders and ash. (Bradbury 60) In the…show more content…
“She won’t come.” “Force her then!” (Bradbury 70). Montag places his Hand on her elbow “You can come with me.” “No,” she said “Thank you, anyway (Bradbury 70). After all that Montag was tempted to steal a book from the house. The Book confuses him which made him call an old friend he met at the park awhile back. His old friend, Faber, helped his come up with a plan after he realizes how bad society Is.” Plant the books, Turn in an alarm, and see the firemen house bum, is that what you Mean?”(Bradbury 157). After Mildred, Montag’s wife, calls an alarm on him Beatty Comes to Montag’s house and Montag can’t do it. He ends up killing Beatty and Everyone is after him. The story ends with a bomb destroying the society from a war with the government. The city is chasing after Montag who was escaped town with the help of Faber. Back In their city they think they have caught Montag but it really is an innocent man. He is Now with a group of survivors who are determined to memorize and recite parts of Books to the next upcoming generation. Montag plans to help them and be just like the Group. Montag changes in the story from unbothered to Will this change and
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