Role Of Motivation In Sport

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Spectators have very different reasons to attend a certain sport event. Competitive sports have always draw attention and spectators around them and there’s no wonder why. Athletes have always been the ones taking human body to its limit. Competition among athletes has always been entertaining for sport consumers. A lot of researches have studied sport consumers motives to attend sport events through the years using for example Abraham Maslow’s work hierarchy of needs and Seppo Iso-ahola’s escape-seeking model. Psychologists have created numerous different theories to explain spectators’ and fans’ attending motivation (Funk, Filo, Beaton & Pritchard 2009.) Motivational factors to attend an event have also changed in recent years prior to the change in economy from the service economy to the experience economy (Pine & Gimore 2011). Factors motivating the fans…show more content…
Individuals have their own set of mind, own personalities and own values of course. Fans and casual spectators have numerous different motivational reasons to attend sport events. Galen T. Trail stated in 2005 that there are nine basic motives why people consume sport. Daniel Wann instead noted that there are eight basic motives for sport spectating. Wann and Trail both noted that most of these motives are based on social and psychological needs of consumers. Wann’s eight basic motives for sport spectating are listed below and these eight basic motives are used in this thesis to analyze and categorize the motivational factors of the fans of JYP and the fans in Football Malaysian League. (Shank

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