Motivation And Employee Performance Essay

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Human resource in every country is vital for development. It is against this background that employees’ motivation is needed to enhance this human resource to increase employees’ performance and productivity in the banking institution. To achieve this, efficiency of employees and reward systems should be encouraged since the employee has an important role to play in the country.
1.1 Background of the study
Motivation, therefore, is a term used to describe those processes, both instinctive and rational, by which people seek to satisfy the basic drives, perceived needs and personal goals which trigger human behavior (Cole, 1995). Motivation is also a means of getting people to extend a degree of effort on their job. Motivation is impressed
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Although the information technology has become the foundation of all companies in the financial sector at the global level, human capital still remains the driving force in the highly digital financial services industry, because not all the functions performed by financial institutions can be undertaken solely by electronic devices such as automated teller machines (ATM), computers or other similar devices. Where even electronic devices can, the organization still requires human beings to operate them which then means the employer would need skilled human efforts to complement the technology being used for which reason they are obliged to pay compensation to the employee for his time in ensuring continuous output which may comprise of both monetary and non-monetary reward used as a motivational tool to enable employees to give their best and ensure increased…show more content…
The liberalization of the banking industry has brought a serious competition in the sector.
According to Michael Porters five forces strategy model, free entry and exit of new firms into a competitive industry or market comes with its associated opportunities and treats. Therefore, the liberation of the banking industry comes with it opportunities and treats to existing banks including GCB Bank limited. The schemes put in place to motivate the employees are known as incentives and fringe benefits. Incentives such as subsidized meals, vacation pay and other benefits will eventually motivate most employees to perform towards the achievement of organizational goals. The level of motivation determines whether the employees of the Bank are well motivated to stay in the bank or are leaving the bank to join the private banks that are offering better incentives
Beacause of easy entry and exit of new firms, the banking sectors has challenges when it comes to its operations and the Human

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