Role Of Mummies In Ancient Egypt

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RELIGON IN ANCIENT EGYPT Ancient Egypt was a wonderful mysterious place. Hidden tombs, hidden jewelry, hidden golds and hidden secrets were all involved in ancient Egypt. They had very interesting believes. They have very interesting religious holidays. They believed that entering the afterlife was a very hard process. They had different gods which all represent something, and they all had different responsibilities. According to there were about more than 2000 deities in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egypt had a very long history, so one of the reasons for historians to go there is this. Mummies are one of the important reasons for making Egypt popular. People use mummies in films and this makes Egypt a popular place. In ancient Egypt, there is also a lot of things that they do for the religious days. For example, they colored their selves in different…show more content…
The gods were also called as deities. Ra was the greatest deities, because he was the god of creation, the god of sun, his responsibility was to create things like mountains flowers and other living or non-living things like that, and he represented the sun. Another important deity was Osiris, he was the god of dead, judge of the underground world and the god of the afterlife, he was representing the pharaoh mummy. Hathor was the god of beauty and love god of the sky; his symbol is a cow which has horns on his head. So, we can see how difficult and interesting gods they had, and some people in Egypt still believe on this. The god Osiris is a very important god for the historians because he represents death and death is a very important event for the historians because they can search tombs how old they are how did they preserved the dead people these are all questions that everybody has been asking. Osiris might answer all these

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