The Role Of Music In Motion Pictures

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In this Research I’m going to write about Modern-Day Film Music Composer and its role in motion picture and how the music is important in movies, a brief history of music in motion picture, a short paragraph on some selected composers, how scoring for film is approached and recorded. And last thing some names of famous composers.
Role of Music in Motion Picture:
Could you imagine your favorite epic film without an interesting musical score? It will not be exciting and inspiring without the drums and orchestrated vibe. Have you ever tried to decrease the volume on your television while watching a horror movie? If you tried that, then you realize that the fear and thrill of the movie is completely eliminated. Adding music to your films does
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Production companies began to print cue sheets for their films as guidelines on which style of music went with a particular scene. By 1911, original piano music was being written for specific films, and over the next decade, the theatre organ made its first appearance while added in large venues grew to include instrumental ensembles and choruses. Before the 1930’s:Before the invention of the talking picture, all movies were completely silent. The introduction of music into the film venue is speculated to have happened for many reasons. Music was already a commonplace an entity in the theatres and it was brought over in to films not only because of tradition, but to add an idea to the two dimensional image that appeared upon the screen. The majority of silent films included by anything from full orchestras to organists and pianists. Books of music were published to provide the composers with ideas for scene music, categorized by mood, event or element. It was Birth of the Nation that was the first to have a score compiled for…show more content…
At first, sound films followed the law set by their ancestors, using western music put together. Max Steiner wrote the first completely original score for King Kong in 1933.
Though at first, music was used usually as a simple reinforcement, towards the latter half of the decade, the composers began to experiment and to develop their own style of supporting the film’s plot and character.
The 1940’s: In the 1940’s, composers upgraded their expertise even more. One of the most important and influential composer’s was Bernard Hermann, he who broke many barriers and traditions to create music that greatly enhanced the films for which he
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