Role Of Nature In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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What do you think nature is and how can it contribute to society, and how people feel about it? So far -in the book Anthem- I’ve wondered about this question. In this book there are many ways that nature can make people feel. Also, there’s this character -Equality 7-2521- that at one point got exiled from society and ran to the forest. There’s many reasons in my opinion why he would do this. Society and nature are very big aspects in this book. A lot revolves around these two topics. So the significance of nature in Anthem has many meanings throughout the book. From society being scared of it, how it was uncharted because of that, and also how someone like Equality 7-2521 thrived and became a different and stronger person from being alone in nature. The type of society that he (Equality 7-2521) lives in is very strict. He couldn’t be who he wanted to be or do what he wanted to do, because if he did then he would get punished for it. I’m sure that when he got exiled from society he was probably scared, but at the same time was relieved or curious to what else was out there. He couldn’t do much in society. If he lied, cheated, talked to a woman, or even used a pronoun to describe himself instead of Equality 7-2521, he would get thrown out, killed, or…show more content…
Also, in the book he helped people realize the significance of nature. From what society thought about nature, to nature being uncharted because people were afraid of it, and then how nature changed Equality 7-2521 as a character throughout the book. It showed how people can changed for better or for worse through different circumstances. I say this, because in society he was not that strong of a character and desired to be able to write or have his own thoughts without breaking rules. He changed and thrived as a character for the better when he went into nature and could think and say what he wanted and experiencing new
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