Role Of Nature In Frankenstein

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Nature and Frankenstein compare in their understanding of the relationship between human beings and the natural world because the natural world is an emotional experience and the influence of nature changes the mood drastically. The natural world is an emotional experience for Victor because he got depressed about the death of Justine and William. To cope with his feelings he decided to escape to the hills. Victor struggles to cope with the deaths: The sceneries help Victor out by cheering him up and acting as a sense of relief. He hopes that this trip can repair his broken soul from the death of Justine and William. For Victor to cope with his feelings and heal from the deaths, he must: Victor goes into solitude so he can relax and focus on nature and forget about his worries. He isolates himself from society and the flaws that are apart of the world. In fact, the use of nature throughout the novel Frankenstein and Nature change the mood drastically.…show more content…
Victor describes as a dark place and says: He wants the world to have light and not be so depressing. He favors the world but would like to see more light. The natural boundaries of the world are darkness must be overcome by the presence of light. Mr. Emerson is explaining that humans only see the sun as a light, and not the real meaning of it. How the mood changes is when a person sees light, they feel a sense of happiness whereas if there is dark, a person feels melancholic. The relationship between the human self and nature is strong because: To be happy is not getting satisfaction out of objects. Being happy comes from being outdoors and nature has a healing
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