Role Of Nazism In The Holocaust

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The Nazi Holocaust was one of the most barbaric and inhumane acts of violence that had ever occurred in human history and changed the world in all its ethical concepts. The Nazi Holocaust was the systematic persecution and murder, bureaucratically organized and financed by the German State, of six million Jews by the Nazi regimes and its contributors between 1941-1945. Adolf Hitler, an Austrian born-German politician, and militiaman was the leader of the National Socialist German Party of Workers (NAZI), who later was named Chancellor of the German Reich by German president Paul von Hindenburg in 1933. Hitler’s hatred towards the Jewish and minorities community started at a very young age. He considered Jews an abomination; Hitler (inspired by Benito Mussolini’s government in Italy) and the German Nazi expressed his ideological movement of Fascism to his followers. Fascism is the totalitarian control of a population where the State imposes violence, repression, and order. This vision had a powerful component for Hitler’s movement; he promoted the superiority of races and the constant battle between superior and inferior classes where he sought the termination of minorities such as the Jewish, Black and Gypsy community. Hitler blamed the Jews for “plagues and crisis” and the reason why Germany was defeated in World War I, this only increased his abhorrence against Jews and to establish new measures

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