Role Of Nonverbal Communication

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I asked question to the respondents what kind of role of nonverbal behaviors play in verbal communication. Responding to my question Kalpana said, “When there is use of nonverbal behaviors, we feel that teacher is giving importance to us, and there is use of hands or body that makes communication meaningful.” Similarly, Ramesh expressed, “Nonverbal behaviors play important role in verbal communication. Without concentration no one can speak, so nonverbal behaviors play important role for facial expression during verbal communication. Thus, it can be said that nonverbal behaviors are very supportive and significant for verbal communication.
From the above responses of both the teacher and student participants, it is inferred that nonverbal
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Responding to the question Deepa said, “We can learn to use different nonverbal behaviors from them and apply them while speaking. So it is effective for presentation skill and leadership skill.” Similarly, Kalpana said that nonverbal behaviors support to present our views with others. Ramesh expressed, “nonverbal behaviors somehow develop to give speech from the front of the class and they minimize fear of the students.” The remarks of the above participants shows that nonverbal behaviors are indispensable factors of learning. As teaching is an art and science, teachers should have various skills, strategies and techniques to deal with students for better learning of English. In one side teachers are teaching to the students by using various nonverbal cues to develop their profession and on another side they are developing presentation skills which help to make classroom real and live. Teachers themselves can improve presentation skills for effective teaching and students can observe teachers’ actions, strategies, and learning presentation skills. As a result, it is noted that nonverbal behaviors help to improve presentation skills and it is necessary in teaching and learning process. So, we can say that besides developing presentation skills, nonverbal behaviors are necessary to improve students’ learning ability and rate of English.…show more content…
In the absence of awareness students cannot learn and develop language. Unless students are aware we cannot create learning environment. It applies in learning of all subjects. As we know that English is a foreign language so it is not easy to learn like native language so there is need of good effort for learners in which awareness plays dominant role. From the observation of Yogesh and Narayan, I found that students were aware of learning while teacher was using nonverbal behaviors. When teacher looked at the students they paid attention on learning and exposed they were reading. Likewise, when teachers exhibited nonverbal behaviors such as facial expression, gesture and paralanguage the students got awareness for learning. In the interview, I asked the respondents if nonverbal behaviors raise awareness for learning English. In response to the question Deepa said, “When teacher is angry we are aware on the subject matter and if teacher is happy we feel comfortable.” Similarly, Kalpana said, “If we do not pay attention s/he speaks in high tone and we have concentration on out of subject matter at that time eye contact plays vital role to make aware on

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