Barriers In Nursing Essay

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The challenges before the health care system in the current world is different from that existed earlier. The increase in life style diseases, mental health issues, chronic illnesses and an aging population demands better strategies of care. With the growing technology and diversification of care delivery settings, the competencies required for effectively promoting health and well-being become complex. In this context, the IOM report (2010) signifies a mile stone in the advancement of nursing profession in America. The report reiterates the important role that nurses perform in the health care system. The report put forward four key messages viz., “ (i) nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training, (ii) nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic…show more content…
It is often objected by the physician’s organizations because giving autonomy to nurses may threaten their hierarchy. But when more and more nurses with advanced skills are entering into the system, the policy should be re-considered. For instance, with the advancements in the profession, there is an increase in the number of nurse practitioners in primary care. At the same, there is a negative preference for primary care by medical students and residents (IOM, 2013). Combining with the skill advancement programs for nurses, the need of the hour is to re-define the scope of practice for experienced nurses. Appointing Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners in primary care settings and permitting them to write prescriptions is the way forward. As an impact of the report, sixteen states have revised nurses’ scope of practice rules. Several other states are on the go. Moreover, several institutions changed their policies in favor of the broader scope of practice (Fairman et al.,
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