The Nurse's Role In Patient Education

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The role of the nurse in caring for any patient is multifaceted. The nurse must not only provide physical care to her patient, but must also acknowledge and care for the psychological and educational needs of her patient. In order to provide the highest standard of care to a patient undergoing a total cystectomy and the formation of an ileal conduit the nurse must have a wealth of knowledge regarding urinary diversions. The nurse must understand the indications for the formation of a urinary stoma and the implications of having one formed for the patient. This essay will discuss different forms of urinary diversion and shall also discuss the role of the nurse in regards to patient education, and also the physical and the psychological needs…show more content…
The nurse must be able to discuss appropriate coping strategies with her patient and provide information in regards to their correct usage. In patients whose body reality has been altered coping strategies have been shown to be extremely effective in relieving immediate stress. (Niven, 2006) The importance of social supports should not be undermined, as active social support can provide an environment which is conducive to the integration of the patient’s new body image in society. The nurse should promote communication with both family and friends, social supports such as these can encourage the patient to view their new body reality in a positive ways. Patients with strong social supports are more liable to make progress in coping with and accepting their new body reality. The nurse should encourage the patient to become gradually more involved in their own care, this will encourage the patient to become independent and therefore raise their…show more content…
Preoperative teaching is an important factor in reducing both fear and anxiety. Preoperative education also helps the patient to mentally prepare themselves for surgery and the postoperative recovery period. (Johnson, 2001) The nurse should review her patients understanding about their condition and assess their need for preoperative education. The patient should have a basic understanding of their own anatomy in order to understand the process of ileostomy formation. It is also important for the patient to discuss their post-operative expectations, as their expected outcomes need to be
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