Role Of Observational Learning

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Observational Learning
Mahroo Ali
PSYC 100-D
Nazia Asif Takkhar Observation Learning
Mahroo Ali
Forman Christian College

Q1: Discuss the role of observational learning in the development of negative behaviors in adolescents (teenagers).
Observational Learning Learning behavior from the naturalistic social situations, environment and family and imitating it, is called Observational Learning. Some common examples of Observational learning that we can observe from our lives are; learning our native language, social values, facial expressions and personality traits of the people around us. It can be summed up as the phenomenon of learning from the inspection of another person 's behavior. Concepts of observational learning, imitation, vicarious reinforcement and self-regulative functions, social learning theory greatly increased its potential power to explain many facts of child development (Baldwin, 1973).
Behavior in Development of Adolescents
Psychologist and researchers have established that it’s in nature of human to employ in observational learning because children half a month old have shown to copy facial expressions and mouth movements of their care takers, this search establishes that observational learning can be a powerful tool even from a very young age.(Bundura). If we go back to the time when we were learning stuff like, How to comb our hair? How to tie shoe lace? How to put on lipstick? It is quite evident that no one really gave us a
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