Role Of Ombudsman

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The ombudsman is a very important part of the system under administrative law. For scrutinizing the actions of the executive. The precise mean¬ing of the term Ombudsman is grievance officer. As his function is to investigate the grievances, brought to by the public regarding maladministration of the authority. The ombudsman is a parliament officer who is independent from the executive and is appointed by the legislature. The large measure of independence enjoyed by him also gives the responsibility to safeguard the interest of the public by ensuring that the government departments, prisons, hospitals, schools, local governments and public universities runs according to law. The role of the ombudsman differ from
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Maldives changed to a democracy with the constitution of 2008. The main idea behind this change was that people’s rights and freedom shall be justified and protected. And their legitimate grievances shall be removed with the change. Like all other democracies, rule of law, equality before law, and equal protection of law were considered as constitutional rights. And many other constitutional rights were given to the citizens in chapter 2 of the constitution of Maldives. These rights and principles of democracy needs to be protected in order to protect and nourish the democracy in Maldives. So having an ombudsman is important to make sure that these rights are protected and that the negligence of public administration or wrong policy of the government are…show more content…
When introducing Ombudsman to Maldives it should be introduced with a constitutional amendment. Also he should be elected by the peoples Majlis of the Maldives, In order to secure the status of the ombudsman in Maldives. This will also make him independent from all branches of power, including the peoples Majlis or legislature. This will stop and prohibit the state institutions, political parties, mass media and also Non-governmental organisations from interfering in the activities conducted by the ombudsman. This is important to ensure the Independence of the Ombudsman as he act as a mediator between people and state authorities in the society. The legal status only does not guarantee the independence of ombudsman. The another aspect of ensuring the independence of ombudsman is by guaranteeing the availability of sufficient financial resources and carrying out his independent personnel and institutional policy for the exercise of his powers given in the constitution. Proper policies should be made and proper resources should be provided to publish and distribute information about violation of freedom and human rights in the state. Public annual reports should be published and special reports also should be available to the public. Since an ombudsman lacks man dative state powers, it is through these means that ombudsman can influence to adaptation of necessary decisions. As there are various
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