Society And Oppression In The Glass Menagerie

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Society and Oppression Society seems to think that being a Native American is just like being a Caucasian, it’s not. Arnold is a Native American teen who goes from a school on his reservation to an all white school. While there he meets new people and starts to see the world differently. He sees that despite the image people may put off, everyone has their own problems and feelings. A white girl named Penelope shows Arnold that anyone can be sad , money can't buy happiness, but poverty does not either, along with privilege does not make up for affection, yet even with affection they’re still problems, and finally that you may never know what you have until it’s gone, but you also won’t know what you’re missing unless you’ve had a taste. The…show more content…
Two different worlds as it seems, Arnold and Penelope. But both want something they cannot have. Alexie writes, “ Penelope starts crying, talking about how lonely she is, and how everybody thinks her life is perfect because she’s pretty and smart and popular, but that she’s scared all the time” (108). Despite that Penelope has ‘everything’ she is dismal, and lonely and scared to let it show. Arnold on the other hand has drunk parents, and no money, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be popular, until he meets Penelope and steadily gains popularity. He is so scared to let them know about him and his life. “ I couldn’t lie to her anymore, ‘Yes I said, I am poor” (Alexie 127). Arnold, hanging out with the popular kids and becoming one of them, finally let go to one of the people he cared most about, and she didn’t shun him, she accepted it. Oppression, it’s a big deal no matter how you are, there is something weighing down on everybody. Whether is be, money, parental love, or even just acceptance, and artificial popularity, it is there. Through the challenge of simply being yourself, Arnold gets through it, and helps people along the way. He shows Penelope it is okay to be scared or unsure, and she accepted him and helped him in turn. Being yourself is the only person to
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