Role Of Parents In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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What is the role of a parent in a purgatorial world? What benefits do parents serve in this type of setting? What are the standards of “best”? Louise Cowan proposes in “The Terrain of Comedy” a purgatorial setting includes a balance between evil and good; sadness and happiness. Most individuals in these setting face obstacles to happiness, not necessarily due to the evil, but rather by their inherent flaws. This idea applies to not only to A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare but also reflects our world today. With the coexisting aspects of positives and negatives, parents are often major contributors, playing a substantial role of a mentor or guardian, helping to prevent tragedies and healing insecurities. A parent, an individual who has guardianship or access rights in regard to a child [AP], has the right of upbringing their child according to their values and beliefs. However, the definition of a parent has frequently been misinterpreted into people who know what is best for their children. Although it may be true that parents are primary contributors to raising a child,[ADVSC] it cannot be concluded that they necessarily make the best choices for the child considering that every individual has unique perceptions of different experiences.
Parents often play a significant role in making life changing decisions for their child. Most commonly, arranged marriages are conducted between two families under the decision of their parents, while the individual opinions
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