Role Of Parents In O Neil's Novel Lallubies For Little Criminals

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The role of a parent in the life of a child can effect the kind of person the child becomes, especially to the girls. When a person does not have a parent to provide for them and protect them, they can learn behaviours that are destructive. Heather's O'neil's Novel Lallubies for Little Criminals show us how having a lack of parental guide can effect ones ability to develop a relationship with others. First example is living without a mother, baby and Jules, the father, it shows here how without mother the roles of the family become twisted. There is no advice from parents, lead's Baby to a over exposed criminally environment, for example, baby becomes prostitute, drug addiction and etc. And lastly, without a good communication with parents,…show more content…
Heathers O'neil novel Lallubies for little criminals displays the difficulty of having a good relationship without parental guidance.
The father, Jules, is not only absent physically, allowing Baby to float from one foster home to the next, but because of his drug addiction, even when he is present, he is absent & Baby has never known her mother, as she died at a young age. Jules constant absent presence impacts Baby's of innocence and proves to be destructive to her well-being. To prove this when Baby is growing up she become familiar with Jules addiction to "chocolate milk" (page 18) when she was younger Jules usage of this drug didn't bother her, because she didn't know what was going on. But as she grows up she become addicted to this and abuse. "He was in the mood to talk, I could tell... When he was
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