Role Of Physical Education In Schools

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The United Nations High Commissions for Refugees (UNCHR), are using sports and play programmes to encourage young people, particularly

girls and young women to attend school within refugee camps across the world.
In addition UNICEF has a strong focus on using physical education and play programmes to campaign for girl’s education promoting through events and awareness campaign.
Thus the role of physical education has shown to be strongly linked to building social cohesion and social capital among young people and adults beyond gender biased social phenomenon .It facilitates the process which engages girls and women in their community engagement community resulting in higher level of.
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Ii was noted in most socio-cultural settings, adolescents may be encouraged to view their bodies as sexual and reproductive resources for men, rather than sources for themselves. Physical education and its activity enables them to realize a sense of ownership on their body and access the types of activity traditionally enjoyed by boys. It is because of this participation there is an augmentation of girls’ self­esteem. It is the virtue of physical education that can subdue gender discrimination, empower women by means to enable them to entrench their own identity as being herself through physical education. In other words, physical education opens up routes at the grass root level through which they can acquire new community affiliations and begin to operate more openly and equally in

common life. In doing so girls can challenge and change social stereotypes and staunch norms about their roles and capabilities. In 1994, the International Working Group on Women and Sport was established to promote and facilitate the development of opportunities for girls in physical activity throughout the world in
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Sociologists claim that sports is a ‘mirror of society’ or sometime it is considered as a ‘microcosm of gender values’. Thus socio­cultural context is very much important to determine socially acceptable behavior. So apparent female asportism is due to lesser

STEREOTYPE ROLES…Further the concept of division of labour (public/private responsibilities) is a major barrier for women for getting involved in a sports programme..Even research shows that it is due the traditional culture, not only men but also mothers predominately want their daughters to become an ideal wife or mother where feminity and physical activity looked like incompatible. These typical social cultural barriers helps to sustain the traditional stereotypes that stimulates gender discrimination. especially in a conservative setting physical education is considered to be an area which is celebrated as male brauva and this conception puts feminity at risk in this particular area as feminine trait is viewed as less empowering, submissive and passive. Even women have more tendency to support this perception where they underestimate their strength and bodily
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