Informative Essay: Recent Politics In Sports

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Recent Politics in Sport There is a distinct relationship between politics and sport (traditional) and there are numerous different opinions about the situation, some are for the relationship and some are against it. The questions being asked is; what does the economic regression have to do with the World Cup or the Olympics? What does Human Rights have to do with Rugby or Football (NFL)? The answer is its got everything to do with it, in today’s life sport is now the driver as well as the reproduction of social change and its time for sport to be seen as that. (Stromberg, 2013) To help explain why politics are involved in sport in today’s life the conflict theory is used and it states that social order is based on the struggles and negotiations…show more content…
The owners and stakeholders tried to turn it around and restore profits. There was a lot less public grants for stadiums (which made the profits in the last generation. It's been seen that after a country has hosted a World Cup or The Olympics they begin to have an economic crisis. The powerful people decided to make a profit off these Games but didn’t think about the people that didn’t have the power and wealthy. (Stromberg, 2013) Human rights in sport has become a huge debate and influence in the sense that rules are being changed to accommodate the previously oppressed and protect the lives of those that play the sport. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) movement that recently occurred in America has affected sport around the world. Politicians have gone from talking about men’s sports being defined to be masculine and powerful that doesn’t show any vulnerability or pain, and that any other kind of sport is seen as a “sissy” sport and is gay. Politicians, as well as players of the sport such as Steve Nash (Basketball player), Michael Strahan (Football player) and even Barack Obama, speaking about the LGBT rights. This causes a special culture to be formed within a sporting community, with the fans and also within the country. (Stromberg,

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