Role Of Poverty In America Essay

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In America, there is a goal called “The American Dream”. This goal consists of living a life of comfort no matter what life you were born into. Exact definitions vary between each person because it is based on an individual, however most, if not all, include the ability to reach mobility and achievement no matter what social class one was born into. Money is clearly important for survival and it does keep people happy. The question most people formulate, however, is if it is actually possible for one who was born into poverty to actually be able to live a comfortable adult life with a stable income. Some people look at climbing economic classes as “all or nothing”, nonetheless, that shouldn’t be the case. One can be born into poverty and make himself or herself reach middle class and live a happy…show more content…
If anyone were to get curious and search up money issues in google they would find over 28,000,000 links to websites explaining the top money issues in America. “More than one-third (35%) of the Money-Rates survey respondents said that paying regular financial obligations — bills, a mortgage or rent payment, credit card payments, etc. — was their biggest financial worry.With so many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it 's no surprise that people having trouble paying for these essentials.”, explained Erika Rawes on in her article, “Top 5 Money Problems Americans Face”. The top issue, described by the article, was the struggle to make ends meet. This issue leads to the argument that it has become impossible to climb up the economic classes to somewhere comfortable. When using every paycheck to pay the bills, pay for food, and pay for children/necessities it turns into a vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and never being able to save a dime. This is a popular economic topic in America because of how real it is as well as how many people this cycle is affecting. On, “Which Income Class Are You”, it explains most

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