Role Of Presentation In Corporate Communication

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Presentations have a creative role to play in corporate communications. Presentations are vital to maintain public relations. It helps in coordination and organisation. According to Al Caldwell of Caldwell Corporate Business Development opines that, “In business as in life, the message you leave behind is far more impactful and lasting than the circumstances under which it was initiated.” Quoting James Humes “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” Hence, communications are very important in corporate sector and public relations. Presentations have a vital role to play in communications. Presentations are part of corporate meetings. Meetings help in networking, management as well as promotions. Speeches are an integral part…show more content…
They are a major part of corporate networking and management. Meetings are very important in the management and communication in a corporate firm. Meetings: Meetings save time, solve problems, increase productivity and motivates. Meetings are platforms where ideas and initiatives are created. Meetings are important in eliminating and avoiding conflicts. Meetings are different from written instructions or telephone conferences as they are better communicators of meaning and feeling. Hence, meetings are more useful, effective and operative. Meetings are usually held to manage teams and situations. Meetings enable a quicker and economic means to achieve objectives. Effective meetings help in increasing productivity. Brainstorming meetings help in creative decision making, problem solving and team building. Thus meetings: • Help in problem solving and decision-making • Encourage participation and responsibility • Help in achieving organisational…show more content…
Newsletters: These include regularly distributed publications like monthlies and quarterlies amongst the target audience. These include information on organisation, its products and services, its leadership information and client testimonials. Events and Functions: These are special gatherings or events organised by the organisation for its own promotion. Speaking engagements: These are the indirect and informal way of communication an organisation performs with its audience. They interact with the target audience. Corporate social responsibility: Various charitable and social activities are funded by the corporate organisation for publicity and goodwill creation amongst their targeted audience. Communication tools are selected for communication considering its scope to reach its targeted audience. A media should be widely accepted by the audience for its selection as a prioritised media tool. Selection of new media is done in accordance with the nature of message the organisation has to deliver. Currently, with the explosion of information technology, new media has bested the other

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