Essay On Prime Minister Of Government

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The role of Prime Minister in the administration has been a controversy issue where President John F. Kennedy of the United States of America stated that the Prime Minister in their country is more powerful than the President especially term of policy making. As we know, the Prime Minister has a dominant power in the Parliamentary System if compared to the role of president or king. In Parliamentary System, President or King is a head of states while Prime Minister becomes head of government. In generally, most of jurisdiction of administration favour to Prime Minister even though President or King is the highest position in the hierarchy of the Parliamentary System. This circumstance is clearer seen through the field of executive power where it shows the extent of the power of authority between the Prime Minister and the…show more content…
In other word, the power of the head of the State is limited and only symbolic in Parliamentary System. This matter shows that Prime Minister has more power on branch of government especially in legislature and executive. Many people think that the head of state has the effective power in the government because he or she has the highest position in hierarchy of parliamentary system but the fact in the real world of politics Prime Minister that many play a role in policy making. The role of head of state is not so widely versa head of government who advises the head of State to dissolve parliament. This situation shows that the role of Prime Minister is more effective source of power. Thus, we can see how the role of the Prime Minister in policy making and what are the factors that influence the Prime Minister in policy making. There are several role of a Prime Minister in policy making in Parliamentary System of Government.
Prime Minister is steers government including coordinates government policy, chair of the Cabinet meeting and has special interest in key policy. Working with individual
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