Aircraft Maintenance Repair (MRO) Industry

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The air travel is the fastest medium of transportation amongst the wide array of the choices available to commute. The advantage of the air transportation being the most efficient way is the prime reason for it to be widely used to reach far flung destinations. Since the year 1903 when the historic event of the Wright Brothers first flew an aero plane, an attempt has been made to replace the conventional medium with air. The advancement of the aviation industry has been greatly attributed to the liberalization policies of the 1990s which were adopted by various developing nations, which allowed the multi-national corporations to invest huge sums of money in building up of the infrastructural facilities and thus, facilitating
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The aircraft needs to be entirely examined, and the necessary parts should be maintained and replaced if necessary in order uphold the mandated safety standards. The maintenance is necessary after a certain period of calendar time or flight hours or flight cycles. There are some aircraft articles that have a limited life depending upon flight cycle, and they need to be replaced immediately upon reaching the maximum use requirements. Besides the aircraft articles that are due for replacement, all other parts need to be checked routinely for faults and…show more content…
By 2020, the Indian carriers aim at increasing their fleet size to 900-1000 aircraft and same number of aircrafts/helicopters are required for the defense and paramilitary services in the next 8-10 years, so it holds enough opportunities for the MRO sector to grow. As the number aircrafts keeps on increasing with constant growth in domestic traffic and the increasing age of Indian aircrafts, so the Indian MRO is going to witness a significant growth in future. At present, the Indian civil Aviation MRO market accounts for about $900 Million and is expected to grow to $4.33 Billion by 2025 increasing at a rate of 14-15 % per annum. However, it appears to be a small amount when compared to the existing size of MRO Industry in China ($2 Billion) and Singapore ($5 Billion) per

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