Role Of Promotion In Tourism

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As service is more difficult to evaluate than goods and that, as a consequence, consumers may be forced to rely on different cues and processes when evaluating services (Zeithaml, 1981). Promotional activities play a vital role in presenting these cues and processes to the tourists, helping them to evaluate tourism products and services and making the right purchase decisions (Hossain, 1999). Every tourist destination country should attempts to the needs or what they are seeking to coming there rather to force what they consider the usual tourist attractions on them. Since, tourism is an important component with strong linkage with all other components of tourism system, it is considered as a major policy and program activity of many nations, provinces, states, governmental developments and businesses (Gunn and Var, 2002).

On the other hand, Mill and Morrison (2002) described that the goals of behaviour modification are more effectively achieved by matching the three types of promotion with the stages of the visitor’s buying process. These types are:
(i) informative promotions are most effective at the earlier buying process stages of attention and comprehension,
(ii) Promotion messages must grab the visitor’s attention, while providing enough information and convincing arguments to assist with comprehension.
(iii) Persuasive promotions are used to change attitudes, develop intensions to buy, and to initiate purchases. These arguments clearly state that promotion is

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