Role Of Racial Discrimination In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Even though John Steinbeck's book Of Mice and Men focuses on loneliness, the book also weaves in much of the racial discrimination around the 1930s. One character, Crooks, was a different race than all the other men, and he was treated very differently because of the fact that he was black. When the white characters talk about Crooks they portray ownership over him. Being black in the 1930s was a difficult time for them to have a decent living. Crooks was not allowed to even live in the same place as the white men. Even though a lot has been done to stop the inequality of the races, there are new problems being faced. It is imperative that people around the world understand that there is still a lot of racial inequality that needs a resolution.
Men of the nonwhite race were treated with great disrespect; for example, around the 1930s, when white men were out of work, the black men would be fired to make job openings for the white men (Race During the Great Depression). Even though a lot has changed since the 1930s, studies show that black people have a harder time obtaining a job
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Now there is big talk about violence against black people. Stories on the news and Facebook shows people, such as police officers, hurting innocent black people. The suggestion has been made for parents to talk to their children about racial segregation and the history of the civil rights movement. Teaching children at a young age the history of all the racial differences that happened in the past would help change the child's perspective on how they would view another person of a different race. When telling children about the Great Depression, slavery, and the civil rights movement, parents should explain the events that happened between the white and black people. This will show the children that mistreating black people is wrong and they should not mistreat them as

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