Reduction In Domestic Violence

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reduction in domestic violence-
With more and more improvement in the living standard of women and other minority classes, the legal cases filed for domestic violence against women and children have seriously reduced in the recent years. Because women today are educated themselves and preferring their girl children to be well educated also in order to make sure that they will be earning on their own in the future years and will be financially independent and when the women of the house are financially secured and earning on their own- no man will be ever gutsy enough to raise his rude hands on her or domestically abuse her.
About child abuse, government has banned the involvement of children below the age of 14 years in the acts of heavy labor
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Women have started participating in the economic and social activities that take place at large scale thereby showing their successful participation in the national development activities. Not only participating but women have surprised almost everyone by showing their outstanding performances in every field that they enter in may it be medical science, engineering, architecture, designing etc. This outstanding result shown by women in every sphere of life has proved that with more and more women empowerment- more economic developments and national developments can be expected as the money and resources that they earn, they do not only earn them for themselves but for the entire family which ensures the well being of social status of the entire families unlike men who earn just for themselves or for fulfilling their own wishes and…show more content…
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