Refracting Telescopes Essay

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What is a Refracting telescope?

The role of a refracting telescope is to magnify objects, This is done by refracting the light rays it receives to create a image that is inverted and magnified.
When it comes to refracting telescopes there are quite a few different types of refractor telescopes, some examples are are the astronomical telescope, however, they consist of similar
Components and parts.
Refractor telescopes always have 2 lenses, these are the objective lens, and finally the eye lens.
The objective lens is bigger allowing it to collect more light, and bring it to focus at the focal point, The more light it can collect the brighter it can display the magnified image to the eye, making it easier to see. The objective lens also commonly has a longer focal length than the eye
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Its role is to magnify the collected light from the objective lens and direct it to your eye. Something to note is that both lenses are convex. This makes the final image be inverted. But allows for the most light to be collected, and that light to be directed at the focal point of lens, making a brighter and clearer image to be displayed.
For these telescopes, it is crucial that the are contained inside of a tube, to make sure that no other rays of light, or dust can enter which would affect the image. And to make sure the lenses are situated the correct length from each other, the distance between both of the lenses is equal to the length of both of the focal points. Another job the tube that conceals them has is to make sure they stay perfectly aligned to how they must correctly sit.
So to summarise, Three essential must-have components for a refracting telescope are the convex object lens, the convex eye lens, and the tube that situates them apart at the right alignment and distance specific to the
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