Ancient China Religion

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Hinton 1 Kameron Hinton Michael Ruddon 19 February 2018 Ancient China religion, gods, and government In ancient China religion was very important. The three-main types of religion were Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. Taoism was founded during the Zhou dynasty. It was founded in the 6th century and was founded by Lao-Tzu. This religion believes that every living thing should have a force going through them. People who believe in the Taoism religion don’t really believe in a bunch of rules. The Taoism religion came up with the idea of yin and yang. They believed everything in nature dealt with yin and yang. The forces of yin and yang could be thought of as good or bad. Taoism can teach others that they should live with their heart and…show more content…
There were over 200 gods that China worshipped throughout the BC era. There were weather gods, abstract idea gods, Taoism gods, and Buddhist gods. There were many more gods, but these were some of the main types of gods. Some of the weather gods represented the sun, moon, or even the rain. The goddess Ba was the daughter of Heaven. She was known as a drought and was thought that if you could see drought, she was it. Yu Huang was a sky god. His mortal parents tried to protect him from the water god and fire god. He was offered the role of being the emperor of China, but he thought he didn’t Hinton 3 deserve it. He gave the role of emperor to his mortal brother. Years later he decided to come back and become the emperor of China. Fei Lian and Feng Po Po were the wind god and goddess. Fei Lian was somewhat of a trouble maker. He was causing wind storms that tore down houses and uprooted crops. One of the main gods started to put out a search for him. When he found out that he was being looked for, he decided to hide in his bag. The other god found out that he was trying to hide in his bag and shot at it with an arrow. Fei then decided to run away but ended up getting caught and stabbed in the knee. He decided he would not cause no more trouble. Feng Po Po rides through the clouds on the back of a tiger. She carries a bag of wind. If ever needed, she would just take the wind out and use it. She was portrayed as replacing Feng
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