Cricket Is Not A Religion Essay

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India is flooded, with different religions and various sects. It is quite surprising yet interesting that the only force which binds the country in its truest sense is mere a game. Yes, Cricket is not just a game it is indeed a religion. It is that one crazy game which brings all the family members together and people are glued into their televisions right from the opening ceremony, the pitch report till the presentation ceremony is over at the end and finally, the program ends.

Though national game of India is certainly Hockey, cricket has fortunately or unfortunately overshadowed every other sport in the country. ‘Bleed blue' this chant, the roar you will hear from the crowded stadium to someone's personal living room during this game
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Eyes stick to TV screens and people irrespective of their religion become superstitious. It is noticed people wear same tees, same shoes sits in the same position on the couch and tends to freeze considering it as a charm of luck for those 11 warriors.
Is it a “Sunday”? well who cares that when there is a cricket match or series going on.Indians don't ever feel guilty to skip rather take leave from their respective work on any important match day, Oops I am sorry!In India, all the cricket matches are important and never to be missed. Even bosses don’t hesitate to declare national Holiday (Unofficial of course) during a match. This how people in India or Indians anywhere in this world are crazy for this game
#5. India Vs. Pakistan match the peculiar warfare!
The happiness of an Indian cannot be compared with anything in this world if it is after a wonderful win of India against its rival team Pakistan! India Vs Pakistan matches are the most awaited matches in cricket for any Indian, but cricket brings the heavenly peace between the two countries with its wonderful spirit of the
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