Role Of Religion In Hamlet

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Religious Issues in Shakespeare One of many things that we don’t know about Shakespeare is his religious beliefs. Through examining his plays and poetry, we can conclude

Many of the religious themes we see in Hamlet are based off of Christian and Catholic beliefs. It is seen as a sin to take your own life. Hamlet recognizes it is against god’s will to take your own life in his first soliloquy in Act 1 scene 2. He is rejected the throne and his schooling. His relationship with his mother is gone and his father isn’t there to guide him anymore. Hamlet feels as if he has no purpose. He says the only thing keeping him from killing himself is the stain of sin. He is afraid to not believe in heaven or hell. At this moment in history, it is known that there is something above and below, but nothing specific. The ghost tells hamlet in Act 1 scene 5 that he could tell Hamlet stories about purgatory that would “harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood” but he’s forbidden to do so. Purgatory is believed to be the place
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Greed is displayed when Claudius is jealous of his brother’s power; he kills his brother and becomes king. Envy is also shown with Claudius as he wants his brother’s life. Lust is basically his mother marrying his uncle right after his father died. Hamlet believes his mother is being selfish when she goes from hanging on his father to hanging on his uncle in less than a month. Hamlet represents pride when he begins the fencing match and claims, “I shall win at all odds!” Claudius is too proud to save his wife from drinking the poison, so she dies at the mercy of his pride. Ultimately everyone dies except Horatio and that’s a result of Hamlet’s wrath. The only example of sloth I could find was King Hamlet sleeping without any guards or protection, making him an easy

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