Role Of Religion In Movies

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Religion often plays an important role in movies, but “Does movies play an important role in the way people understand religious concepts? This is an important question that we all must ask ourselves- whether or not the portrayal of religion we are given through movies is meant only to entertain, or is it meant to be an actual representation of what people believe and practice? In context to India, There are many religions being followed by people so their perception also differs when it comes to religion. People are very much possessive and protective about their religion. Movies not only reflect life, they also have the capability of shaping our norms, values, attitudes, and perception of life. There are movies that deals with religious themes such as “Oh my God”, PK” which portrays the actual issues happening in society and how people are being misguided by middle man who call themselves messengers of god. Through the media of film, moviemakers try to portray the issues and facts relating and happening in the society but they are not intended to present a religious interpretation of life. Religion is one of the components of the issue which the society is getting misused and misguided.

We can take an example from the latest movie “PK” which has very well portrayed the arising issues on religion of society. Such movies create awareness among people in society which tries to show the existence of frauds who calls themselves a messenger

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