Role Of Religion In Society

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According to Roger Whiting in “Religion for Today” Religion may be defined as “a cultural system of behaviours and practices, world views, ethics, and social organisation that relate humanity to a spiritual order of existence.” Religion is an important aspect of social life as it serves as a guidance to individuals assisting them in facing their everyday life crises, however it may also be deemed to cause problems in the lives of mankind. Religion is a part of the culture of the people. Although there are a number of other contributing factors that may cause problems in the life of individuals; religion has both positive and negative views in relation to guiding mankind and therefore some may find religion unnecessary in society. I, however believe that religion serves a great purpose as there are still many who turn to religion for guidance. Religion is a source of guidance that develops one’s spirituality, giving individuals hope and increasing self-esteem. Studies done by Emile Durkhiem states that individuals benefit from the rituals and beliefs of religious activities as…show more content…
Religion provides mankind with regular worship practices, goals and aims to motivate themselves and personal identity, personal emotional needs and a purpose in life which aids in developing one’s personality thus creating peace and unity. Without the structure, order, and meaning that religion can provide, many people would feel like their life would be lost and out of control. When speaking about religion, there are various views regarding the importance of it in today’s society. According to “The Real Truth Magaizaine”, the problem with religion is people, not religion in itself. Religion is a set of rules and guidelines but in the hands of emotional, ego-centric beings such as us; there is no wonder why we experience so much conflict and chaos; religion itself cannot harm people; it is people who harm
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