Role Of Religion In The Elizabethan Era

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Shaffer 1 Aaron Shaffer Ms. Gillam English 1 24, March 2016 Religious beliefs of the Elizabethan Era This paper will introduce you into the religion and struggles of the Elizabethan Era. The main two religions in the Elizabethan Era is Catholic and Protestants. Catholics were more favored because it's the main religion in England at the time. German Martin Luther wanted a new religion so he decided to make up protestant. He wanted a religion that's for everyone and not just one for people who lived in England and people ended up liking his idea. This sections about the Roman Catholic Faith. It is not complete, but it agrees with the Lutherans and other Protestants disagree with Rome. We were all born to become Christians eventually. According to “If you were born before 1555, or so, your parents were Catholic”. ( Until later in the reign, it's safe to say your grandparents were Catholic.…show more content…
Then “Queen Elizabeth succeeded her sister Queen Mary”.(Alchin) Queen Elizabeth told Mary “restored Protestantism as the official religion”.(Alchin) Catholic people were starting to get mad because the Protestants were growing. Some people switched from Catholic to Protestant but most people stayed with their religion. Being a Catholic is not a crime but there is a consequence for not believing in going to church and the religion. Every church was a protestant church at the time of Queen Mary. Paying the fine does not allow you to have a priest or practice the Catholic faith. There is not a legal way to practice the Catholic religion. In England there is not allowed to be a Catholic priest. It is very illegal to be a
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