Role Of Religion In The Iron Age

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Religion anchors believers to the Iron Age. The Iron Age was a time of rampant superstition, ignorance, inequality, racism, misogyny, hate, violence and slavery. Women were treated not only badly but considered inferior to men who are in possession of women. Warlords were constantly engaged in warfare. People sacrificed living animals, agricultural products and enemy soldiers as burnt offerings intended to appease gods. Holy books like Bible, Torah, Koran and others preserve and protect the Iron Age cultures and practices by the name of god or goddesses. Religious believers find excuses for demonstrating the sense of superiority, bigotry, wars and many other destructive pursuits that all these are written text revealed by God. While moral consciousness by virtue of humanity is emerging that is the Golden Rule, religious believers are reluctant to move away from orthodox believe rather they are anchored to the Iron Age . Religion makes a virtue out of faith. This is the final word. When science and technology is taking over the territory once held by religion, ancient traditional orthodox religious beliefs require strong defense against open and modern information, which is a threat to the belief. To stay the course, religion provides commendable teaching and vigorous training to the believers to practice self-deception, not to accept contradictory information, and just trust religious authorities, and more importantly, not to think but only to believe . Religion teaches
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