Role Of Responsible Tourism

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Responsible Tourism

The ministry of tourism have agree that a clear policy for responsible tourism is needed as a central guide for making decisions in the future regarding Belizen’s tourism development and to also market responsible tourism destination.

Responsible tourism is the key element for the guidelines of sustainable development and it is also recognizance by WTTC ( world travel and tourism council). Responsible tourism is also responsible for branding a destination. And it is also recognize as a best practice for destination management.

Ministry of tourism and APAMO they agree to concise policy on responsible tourism be develop. They further agree to present it in a user friendly format with an action plan to promote the said
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Responsible tourism should be consider in all aspect it may be management, planning and many more for public and private sector.

Responsible tourism may only be achieve when all role players and stakeholders accept and share the responsibility to plan and develop for tourism.

The three pillars of sustainable development is integral on responsible tourism and this are economic growth, environment integrity and social justice. For effective application responsible tourism needs the political will of a country’s government ensure the support for responsible tourism.

The vision of responsible tourism is the responsibility that is share with those that are involve in it. Like private sector, public, civil status and tourist themselves. To minimize the negative economic, social and environment aspects of tourism product.

Specifically, Responsible tourism “will only be achieved where all of the stakeholders share the broad objectives of the movement and where people across government and the private sector both accept the responsibility and act accordingly”. The success of responsible tourism depends on the action of the
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Biodiversity is a vital asset to the tourism industry many of the natural and cultural destination embody Belize’s tourism product are located at the protected areas. This protected areas form the back bone of Belize tourism industry.

Tourist mostly take advantage of natural landscape including national park, coastal environment and mountainous regions. Which all harbor biodiversity. A well manage environment is every tourist expectation.

Many tourist will not return to a polluted destination. The government can develop a strategy incorporate the conservation of the biodiversity into tourist development programs. By this program will support the management of the protected areas.

While bringing social and economic benefits to the surrounding communities. Some of Belize’s key natural and cultural destination are located on private property or access on private land. Although most of the destination are on private land there are not much holding on the land
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