Role Of Revenge In Medea

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Revenge can cause more damage than the original injury. Even in old Greek days people used revenge to hurt one another. In the ancient Greek tragedy Medea, a young woman named Medea gave up her family, home and country to be with a man named Jason. As they moved on in life, Jason then decided that he would leave her and his children for the princess, a royal bed. This caused Medea to be vengeful and go out on a rampage. Not only did this hurt Jason, but it also hurt the Corinthian king,his daughter and many more. Medea felt justified in her homicidal acts because she had given up so much to be with Jason. Medea’s nurse explained how the main character abandoned her life for a man she believed she loved, “Sometimes she turns to look away, to call out for her father, her country and home: all abandoned and betrayed for a man who now abandons her, betrays her honor and her love. She has learned the hard way what it is to be an exile to had given up everything” ( lines 29-36.) The nurse is explaining the root causes on how Medea became so vengeful. Medea is a very passionate and prideful woman. Medea was different from other women in Greece. “She has a temper that is vile and violent”( line 35) says the nurse. These feelings Medea had caused her to form the most devious plan she could think of. Medea became fearful of those around her. The…show more content…
The reason I say this is because in both plays their was a plot for revenge. Although in Romeo and Juliet it wasn't as big their is similarities. Fro example, in Romeo and Juliet this couple fell in love but were forbidden to marry each other . So they snuck off and got married to benefit their love for one another and kind of get revenge on their parents for not letting them do that from the start. But that then turned in to a tragedy when they both died. Like in the play Medea the revenge turn in to something even bigger than just
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