Role Of Robots In Personal Life

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Robots:In the workplace & personal life: In the last six decades ago, there are a lot of technology invention especially in the cybernetics. The robot has the positive effects for reducing the cost of company and has the positive & negative effects for the human role. This article will giving information about the roles of robot from the workplace and the private life.Robots are used in increasing numbers in the workplace and in society in general. The creation of the first industrial robot in 1937.Presently, there are two categories of robots: (1) industrial robots which is widely used in workplace ; (2) professional and personal service robots which is used in personal life. In the article we talk briefly about robots.…show more content…
The basic role of robots on assembly lines saves a lot of labor forces. Its are widely used in developed countries.Basically In Japan,there is a every one out of ten thousand workers are robots, which not only improve the working capability, also enhance perfection. That is why robots are widely used in automobile industry and electronic production line. Another fact is that robots can take the place where human beings can not work in the dangerous position. Also robots are used in space for searching life in mars where human can not exist because of high temperature. So it can work in any kind of situation, no matter what. In hospital, robots work as professional doctors doing operation on the…show more content…
I would say clearly it has both side in using personal life.Here we get some Positive uses of robots in personal a example some robot industry launch housekeeping robot which helps to cook food,scrub floors,mop , vacuum,and even a gutter cleaning mode.some are entertainer robot which main purpose as a hostess.some robot teach children how to code programme.some are used as a role of nurse normally uses for elderly people.Now some automobiles company lunch some new model car which are auto drive modes,normally its function run by robots.And also now a days we used everyone Drones which is modern technology are used for security checking and also its widely used for taking

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