Role Of Rural Tourism

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Buhalis (1998) in his study stated that competitiveness in tourism industry has improved due to the vital use of information technology. It further helped in boosting the morale of the staff, managerial performance, capacity and desirability of tourism organizations. The study concluded that an increase in the use of information technology in tourism industry, further success of tourism institution and destinations would be determined by a combination of innovatory management, marketing and imperative use of advanced information technology.
Wilson and John (2001) in his study highlighted the role of rural tourism in the economic development of rural district. They observed that rural tourism could flourish easily with progressive participation
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He viewed that the main reason for massive growth of travel industry was evolution of railways, freighting, motor car and airplane. Moreover, launch of paid holiday and mass tourism concept also boosted travel habits among people. Due to the development of information technology people could travel to far off places which were almost unreachable few decades ago. The study concluded that the improvements made in transport and communication systems were the main reasons behind speedy growth of tourism globally.
Caprihan and Shivakumar (2002) in their study viewed that tourists’ decisions globally were negatively influenced by inappropriate conditions like terrorist attacks, battle, plague and distress, etc. It revealed that the Indian government took various actions like subsidies, tax breaks, shifts in marketing techniques and increased advertising to curtail the negative impact of adverse conditions. However, India adopted age old tourism approach those targeting only two countries U.K. and USA. The author stressed on the adoption of innovative and customized tourism strategies by Indian
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This paper discussed how India is developing as a popular tourist destination in the world, driven by the focus on modification and generating value for tourists. It focused to change the attitude and behaviour toward foreign tourist by stressing on the aspect that a guest has been held in high esteem in India since ancient times. This paper observed that there has been a enormous growth in tourism in India because of the policies of the government and assistance from all levels. The author stated that many events like 20/20 IPL cricket matches, commonwealth games etc., works as a big catalyst for promoting tourism in

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