Role Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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In the play, A Christmas Carol, By Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge helped and served others by improving his community and himself. Scrooge helped not only is friends but the community as well, by having a better attitude towards life, donating his gains, and using kind words.

To begin, Scrooge realized we all have a duty to protect and care for eachother. Scrooge used to be a terrible cold-hearted man, but that all changed when he saw the choices of his actions. When Scrooge realized this he became helpful and nice. A way he showed his new look on life was to donate money to the workhouses, the poor, and the gentleman visitor. When he gave them money he had no hesitation and was very plentiful in quantity. What Scrooge realized in scene six of the play, was if he does not pay Bob Cratchit, his employee, enough money, one of his family members named Tiny Tim will soon die. Scrooge helped himself and the community when he
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Ebenezer Scrooge was nice to the young boy when he asked him to get the turkey. He gave the young boy half a crown, because he came back in less than two minutes. Scrooge complemented the boy several times when he was speaking to him. Scrooge replied to the boy with kind words by saying,” An intelligent boy, a remarkable boy… what a delightful boy.” Also when he asked the little girl a question he used the words please and thank you. Scrooge said to the girl,” Can you find me a taxi, miss?” When Scrooge said this he called the girl a “girl” instead of “boy” as stated previously in the play, it meant he payed attention to the girl and cared about who she was. Adding on, Scrooge blessed the girl, the driver, Tiny Tim, Cratchit, and most importantly his whole community. For the first time in a while Scrooge was kind and heartfelt like the man once
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