Advertisements Use Semiotics In Advertising

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Every single day we are bombarded with advertisements, and we are sometimes subconscious to it. Advertisements play an eminent role in influencing our culture by moulding the minds of its’ viewers. They grab our attention left, right and centre; leaving us feeling insecure about ourselves wishing that we could look like the size 4 model depicted in the Guess advert. Messages are delivered to us in all sorts of ways through television, radio, magazines, social media and text messages aiming to capture our attention wherever possible. Everywhere we look, we are plagued with images of the latest products, which in essence attract consumers because we as humans are constantly wanting to satisfy our wants and needs because what we have is never…show more content…
There are various ways that advertisers use semiotics; images, text and sound but the main and most frequently used symbol in advertising is images. People have become familiar with visuals, especially in our now innovative and creative society. Seeing this advert at first glance may seem simplistic, on a denotative level of course. However, the photograph of a male and a female and their clothing (and lack thereof) portrays an iconic view as the signifier and signified are associated based on their resemblance. There is undoubtedly a male-centric focal point, as the advert presents the view from his level of gaze. The viewer happens to be equated with the location of the male and is thus forced to view the product from his level. The male is a signifier of Western perfection, he is well groomed and wears a suit which represents wealth, dominance and tradition. Furthermore his pristine hair and facial features are again signifiers of prosperity. Ultimately, his presence becomes almost patriarchal as he flaunts…show more content…
The sleek Mercedes-Benz AMG targets men specifically in it’s masculine and sturdy approach. The urgent and lustrous red shines against the stark black background, while the car’s “wings” elegantly open out, resembling a plane. Instantly, the colour implies what the man is missing out on is of great importance, and thus having this car will make his life perfect. The car is desirable and magnetises men towards it. The advert is so inviting, the men who view this will picture themselves in the car creating an important need factor in their

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