Role Of Sexism In Patriarchy

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Violence against women has been an issue for a really long time and everyone knows a person who has gone through it. This could be a result of a person’s social behavior or the social system within a society. This essay will look into the issue of violence against women and deliberate the connection it has with patriarchal education and sexism. It will also using the ethical theories of virtue ethics, feminist ethics of care to support the argument of patriarchy and sexism being contributing factors to violence against women. Lastly the writer will providing their reflection on this issue and state resolutions to improve the violation of women rights in Fiji. Patriarchy is a social system where men are in power or are likely to be holding positions of authority, their rule is the law and it must be followed. Sexism is discrimination of a sex due to stereotypical gender roles. Mostly women are often subjected to sexism, often these sort of discrimination becomes extreme resulting them in being violated. Masculinity is the concept of possessing stereotypical gender traits of men, such as being strong, not showing any emotional in any situation or being associated with power and domination and femininity is the opposite concept of masculinity, whereby it has to do with having the qualities that are associated with women such as being weak, dependent, and subjective to wearing makeup or the color pink. Misogyny is said to be the dislike that is generated towards
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