Role Of Single Mothers In The 19th Century

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Canadian Single mothers in the 19th Century
The lack of a partner ideally makes single-parent families more susceptible to socio-economic and health challenges than two-parent families. Today, Canada is experiencing an increasing amount of single-parent families handled by women. Over the past century, Single mothers have been known to play two crucial roles in their families; as providers and nurturers. As a result, as they thrive to realize these functions, they encounter challenges such as mental issues, role overload and increased stress.
Characteristics of the Canadian Single Mother Population during 1800-1850
Parenthood becomes a challenge under the best of the condition. With a single mother, the challenges become worse off. Unlike in modern times, the death of the male partner owed to the emergence of Canadian single mothers during the first half of the 19th century. Also, the influence of migration and legacy of imperialism accounted for the rise of fatherless families during this time. In this era, Single mothers primarily lived in the rural settings and were faced with responsibility overload. Furthermore, single mothers during the second half of the century faced the concern of poverty (Ingoldsby & Smith 172). Most Canadian single mothers in this era had financial difficulties in meeting the fundamental family needs of their children, such as food, clothing or school fees. In fact, the financial strain to these women was even more when they headed a large

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