African American Slaves In Modernization Analysis

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Slavery’s Role in Modernization As a result of modernization, the rapidly growing industries depend on more manufacturing companies to sustain their needs, even if it means slavery has a major contribution in mass productions. Just like African American slaves from 18th century America (referred as African American slaves here), slaves in modern day Asian countries (referred as slaves in Asia here) suffer from living in horrid conditions that provide a lack of basic human necessities. African American slaves were used to pick cotton and tobacco leaves, whereas Asian slaves are used in manufacturing companies. However, the supplied labor from both types of slaves contributes to the benefit of their superior. Asian slaves are brutally punished…show more content…
African American slaves are required to work nonstop throughout the day in order to avoid punishment. Child slaves in China also suffer from working long shifts and the lack of basic human necessities. In Sichuan factories, at least 500 children under sixteen years old work fourteen hour shifts (Fares). However, to make matters worse, a child who does not satisfy the expected labor expectations is “hit and slurred at,” and deprived of meals (Fares). Just like manufacturing companies in Asia that are compelled to use child slaves for mass production, slave masters from 18th century America also ignored slaves’ suffering caused by fatigue and hunger. Unfortunately, African American slaves suffered more than the Chinese slaves because they were punished through “whipping, shackling, hanging, beating, burning, mutilation, branding, and imprisonment” (“Treatment of the Slaves”). However, the similarity between child slavery in China and slavery in American can still be portrayed by slaves’ living conditions and punishments despite its difference in…show more content…
Slavery for both regions and time periods was used for the same reason: to make a person of higher status wealthier. Modern day slavery becomes a larger issue as modernization progresses rapidly in this technological world, since most sources of large companies’ demands come from slave labor. Therefore, what is regarded as beautiful fabric and a basic human necessity today may in reality be the masked up tears of an enslaved child. However, there are also solutions to stop the criminal acts of enslavement. The most effective solution to end modern day slavery is by spreading awareness to people who have the most power and influence regarding this issue: politicians and government officials (Bales). The government of slaveholding countries need to understand slavery must come to an end, and be pressured to take action (Bales). However, advocating for this cause does not only require the contribution of government officials. Anyone is able to be a part of the solution because the first step is simply informing others that modern day slavery
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