Role Of Social Institutions In Education

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SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN DIFFERENT SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE ESSAY EDUCATION AS A SOCIAL INSTITUTION: Social institutions are an important element in the structure of human societies. They provide a structure for behavior in a particular part of social life. Education is one of the major social institutions that exist in the society. It establishes a goal of social equality and a common knowledge base among students. It is the realization of self potential and talents of an individual for the benefit and continuity of society and life. SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE: The sociological theories have influenced education as a sociological institution with each of them influencing both the individual and the society’s view hence creating a social change …show more content…

Social control could be law and order or simple rules and regulation. People are encouraged to observe the social norms and follow it as violation to it could lead to punishment. Social integration- education helps bring together people of different cultures and integrates people into the broader society. It also includes student-teacher relationship and informal relationship among the students as well as communication. All this is instilled through the curriculum and extracurricular activities encouraging team work, cooperation and fair play etc. Determination of status- this is an important function. The amount of education determines the status of a person differentiating them from upper and lower class. It indicates the socio-economic status. Education helps people get good jobs and sustain successfully in life. A good job leads to higher income which gives the individual a higher status. Social development- education helps to train people according to the economic requirements of the society to a large extent. Helps people acquire skill most required. It also explains the vital role of education in the society to understand various social, political and economic problems of the society, for example literacy problems in the …show more content…

There are certain said and unsaid rules and regulations that teacher and student follow. For example the student is aware that he or she has to give respect to the teacher and they know that there is a certain way they have to sit in class while being taught or for that matter standing up from their places greeting the teacher when they enter the class. The teacher knows that there is a particular way to address the class or help a student out. The teacher knows that the only way she or he can efficiently convey information or instructions is if the students are able to understand him or her thus it is very important for a mutual understanding to be established between them. These are all considered as symbols of

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