Role Of Social Media In Marketing Strategy

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Social media in marketing strategy
Social media is becoming more popular in our modern world. Due to advanced technology, many devices are developed to satisfy people’s needs such as iphone 6 plus. People can easily get information by using social media through those devices. Today, most people are familiar with social media because of their routine activities which are connected with social media. As a result, successful marketing strategy really needs social media to increase brand recognition of the products and services. Social media is recently a required marketing tool to make the company thrive and keep up with the changing world. In marketing plan, social media plays crucial role because of the better communication, customer’s convenience
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Most people have the devices that are easy to access the social media such as computers, smartphones. People can easily get up-to-date information from social media. So, it is beneficial for people because they can get online and see what is going on from anywhere they are. In addition, the company can update their news and upcoming events on social media. Consequently, customers can get updated information all the time. By implementing social media marketing, it adds more paths leading users back to firm’s site to increase brand awareness. Therefore, social media can increase website traffic and search ranking. However, social media content needs to match the brand image and capture interests of the users in order to get them share it with their followers. The more people are talking about the company on social networks, the more attractiveness of the brand will appear to new…show more content…
Every company wants to have less expenses in order to gain more profits. Consequently, social media is an excellent platform for marketing strategy. It is able to communicate the messages to mass people at a lower cost in the shortest possible time, just a click of a button. For instance, it costs much cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional activities. Social media can represent the product in the same way of television, newspaper and radio do. Marketing teams can promote the products and services by using social media such as instagram, the well-known photo-sharing application. To do this, the company provides the products and services for celebrities. Then, those celebrities can review them in their personal instagram. This can make huge effects on marketing and business success because there are a number of people, especially teenagers, who follow famous people in social network. In conclusion, social media is a necessary tool for marketing strategy. Marketing teams can interact with customers by receiving some feedbacks. Those comments can persuade other new customers about our products and services through social media. Additionally, social media is a convenient channel for people to access. It is fast and easy to use. Moreover, using social media can save more company’s cost, comparing to other traditional methods. Social media marketing can be greatly beneficial for all types of

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